The best way to start your medical journey

Freshers events are always a great chance for the whole BMA Scotland team to meet our new members right at the start of their medical journey.

The buzz and excitement, and the whole busyness of the period ripples through the whole staff, and even those who aren’t normally member facing get involved and spend the day at medical schools all over Scotland welcoming the students.

This year is very different. 

Only one of our five medical schools is holding a physical ‘freshers fayre’, and even then, we’ll not be able to attend and will be relying on our student reps flying the flag for us.

That’s why the Member Engagement Team took a proactive approach and decided some time ago that we’d like to offer some kind of event to medical schools, either as a whole of Scotland event, or five individual school events.

Consulting with the reps, we decided each school would have its own event, as the content could be tailored by the medical societies and be more useful to incoming first years.

Intensive technical bootcamp on the software for me, and much planning and organising by the rest of the team, means we now have five, bespoke virtual freshers events planned for September.

We have incorporated a main programme of talks by us at BMA Scotland, the BMA library, well-being services – both ours and university, and of course our fantastic student reps.

We have a virtual exhibition hall for each event, sponsored by MDU, where the societies have virtual stands and will be able to recruit, have 1-to-1 video chats, and leave brochures and information for downloading.

We’ll also have ‘meet your yeargroup’ sessions where attendees will be randomly allocated into a video chat with 3 of their peers, and moved on after a few minutes to a whole new group – a great chance to say ‘hi’ and see the faces of fellow students, even if it is virtual.

Thanks go to our student reps for their enthusiasm in helping us reach out to these new students, and for embracing a new way of doing things. Hopefully our efforts will pay off.

If you’d like to attend virtual freshers, please check under the regional events tab on the BMAScotland blog, and register for your preferred event.

The Member Engagement Team look forward to meeting you there!

University of Edinburgh – Book now

University of St Andrews – Book now

University of Aberdeen, University of Glasgow, and University of Dundee – Tickets available soon

Gayle Mackie is a member engagement coordinator at BMA Scotland

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