#BMAPeriods – Nicola’s story

BMA Scotland has written to all health boards across Scotland calling on them to provide free period products in all staff toilets in their hospitals.

As part of the #BMAPeriods campaign we are sharing the story of doctors in Scotland who believe in the provision of period products for all NHS staff.

Nicola’s story

“As a registrar I would often be caught short whilst on 12hr shifts and carrying the on call pager. As I was on call, leaving the building after standard working hours was not an option: there was no one else available to cover me as the senior medical doctor in the hospital. On those occasions I would try and access the ward patient supply, but more often than not nothing was available.

“I spent many humiliating moments using toilet paper instead, which was insufficient, uncomfortable, and led to heavily soiled underwear. All that plus the inevitable anxiety, shame, and paranoia about visibility and the smell of soiled clothing.”

“The availability of period products in all areas for staff and patients is vital, especially when you are essentially trapped in a building usually miles away from the nearest open store.”

If you want to share your own #BMAPeriods story to support the campaign, email press.scotland@bma.org.uk

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