Pay and Contracts

Are you being paid correctly?

Check your payslip to make sure you are being paid correctly for the work you do.

Here’s what to look for:

  • Your salary scale
  • Your incremental point – this means where you are on the payscale and therefore what you are entitled to get paid
  • Your tax code – this will indicate how much tax you should be paying

Your tax code is issued by HMRC to your employer, so that the correct amount of income tax that is deducted each month from your salary. If you think it is incorrect speak to your payroll department first of all

  • Your pay band – this is an additional supplement paid in addition to your basic salary determined by number of hours worked and anti-social nature of those hours. This calculated as a percentage of basic salary

What you can do:

Is your payslip inaccurate?

Contract of employment

Check your contract of employment

With lead employer arrangements all junior doctors in Scotland have a single contract of employment for the entire duration of the foundation, core or specialty training programmes.

The medical staffing department in your placement board is responsible for issuing your contract of employment on behalf of your employing board.

What you can do:

  • Watch the BMA contract checking video
  • Ensure your contract is current with the BMA free checking service – the BMA can advise members of any issues you need to be aware of and can provide additional support to get these resolved.
  • Call a BMA adviser on 0300 123 1233


Key documents and guidance:

NHS Pay circular for 2020 and Addendum